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January 17, 2021
March 17, 2021

My new website's here!

Whether it’s the cobbler’s children going barefoot, the nurse who smokes 50 a day or the pension specialist with no pension, it’s a little bit awkward when we don’t practice what we preach.

I’ve been cringing about my website for some time now because it’s been offering a free download that you can’t actually download! But hopefully anyone who noticed will be generously assuming I’m far too busy to tend to things like my own actual website… which while true, isn’t good.

So I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve just launched a new website with brand new case studies, a fresh list of services, a cinema and a freebie that works. If you’d like to find out how your current website is performing, order your free website report now....

But enough about me

How’s your financial plan looking? I’m sure it’s absolutely tip-top and that you attend your reviews (with yourself) regularly

Website Report

But seriously, how do you show you believe in what you do? Clients like it when you have ‘skin in the game’ and it’s a nice touch to read on websites that “We never invest in anything than we wouldn’t ourselves”. But could you go further?

One of my clients talked about this in a blog post last year when he was very honest about the fact that when the pandemic hit all those months ago, he himself was tested against his own advice:

“At that point in early March, despite the fact that I’m a financial adviser and was advocating the ‘keep calm and carry on’ rule, I could feel my natural instinct fighting to kick in. My investor's psyche wanted to overpower rational thinking. It thought that by losing 30% I might well lose another 30% if I didn’t do something to make it stop…”

You can imagine how powerful this would have been for a client to read in terms of showing clients you’re one of them.

Pastries on black background

You don’t have to be as direct as this. For example, you could include your approach to life on your ‘About’ page, by showing how you prioritise your goals, or by sharing your bucket list. Something like this is an important layer in the filo pastry that is your marketing message.

And by the way, what is it like to advise yourself? Or do you go to an ‘advisers’ adviser’ for that? Answers on a postcard please…

And while you’re there, please tell me what you think of my new website. Does it feel clear and persuasive, interesting and engaging, and do I seem professional yet approachable? After all, this what I’m doing for you every day.

If not, perhaps I should get someone else to do my marketing for me – where’s the marketer’s marketer?!

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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