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About Faith

Expertise meets experience

I’ve spent the past 20 years working with platforms, providers and financial planners to develop ways of communicating their value in a non-boring manner.

I began my career in journalism, before pivoting to marketing in 2003 and working for Standard Life, Prudential, Royal London and Nucleus. I launched my own consultancy in 2017.

In my spare time I enjoy yoga, gin, and listening to true crime podcasts.

My team

Luke, Design
Jenni, Content
Neil, Content

Finance doesn't have to be dull

It's all too easy to produce safe, informative content, but these days, that simply won't wash.

To get noticed, your message needs to be vibrant and impactful.

I work hard to uncover the human aspects of your business - the parts that truly connect with people - and build from there.

Whether it's through high-level messaging, lead generation campaigns or insightful articles, I ensure your brand shines by making it not just accessible, but genuinely interesting and engaging.

By highlighting what makes your company unique and focusing on the elements that truly matter to your audience, we can create a powerful connection that drives your business forward.

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