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September 15, 2021
September 16, 2021

Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a 100 duck-sized horses?

Recruitment has changed since my day.

There was a time when these sorts of questions were the norm. The idea was they’d test how creative, resourceful or desperate you really were.

But that’s how things were back then, kids.

You had to answer silly questions merely to get a toe in the door.

And pretend you were so overawed by the artwork on the walls, the water feature in the atrium, the bank of chesterfields in the lobby that you’d do anything to be a part of firm x, y and z.

These days things are different.

Your average Gen Z-er has a very different view of work. And of the world.

A laptop and a wifi connection are all they need, and they can work from anywhere, on things they like.

Why should they work for you, in your office, for your 9-5? Why should they work in finance when they think it’s about making rich people richer?

How are you going to attract these resourceful and cynical youngsters to your firm?

Anthony Villis of First Wealth has the answer: They created ideal personas of the sorts of people they really wanted to work for them, in the same way as you’d do with people you want to attract as clients.

"We worked out who they are, where they are on their career path, how they want to develop, what sort of organisation they want to work for, what benefits they would expect from an employer and the culture of that firm. We then create marketing material aimed specifically at ‘First Wealth Rob’."

Deliberately creating a place your ideal people really want to be part of is to become part of the norm. Actively marketing that to them in a similar vein as you would to your ideal clients may well be too..

Tech Tip

Someone has made an earring to stop your Airpods from falling out. Design genius or fashion crime? I can’t decide.

Simple hack

If those earrings aren’t to your liking, there is another way of keeping your airpods within easy reach: thanks to the power of magnets you can stick them to the top of your MacBook screen.

Shameless plug

Last week I was on the PFS Power podcast, chatting to Rob Schwarz and Scott Millar of First Wealth about my background, quick wins and terrible branding.

Pub Quiz Fact

Do you have a favourite ear? Many people are either right or left-eared and eyed in the same way we're right or left-handed, which could explain things. 👂🏼

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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