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January 24, 2021
February 4, 2021

Netflix and Wills

When George Michael died on Christmas Day, 2016, the news interrupted our family viewing of American Psycho. But it did provide the springboard to festive conversation around the topic we’d usually try to avoid: what happens when Daddy Liversedge finally shuffles off?

Thanks Georgios.

In a similar way, perhaps the pandemic has provided context for conversations that are usually hard for you to cover with your clients: “What would you really like to get out of life?” “What if x happened to you?” “Have you thought about writing a Will/creating Power of Attorney?” etc.

But if you’re looking even more context, can I suggest my favourite hangout: the television?

Because among the dramas, soaps and box sets, there are so many options here for referencing complex and usually dry-sounding financial topics. Let me point out a few:

Call My Agent – At a top Paris talent firm, agents scramble to keep their A-list clients happy and their business afloat, following the shock death of their boss who dies after swallowing a wasp (it’s very French). His wife inherits the shares but has no interest in the business and so a buyer must be found – drama ensues.

Financial planning springboard: Shareholder Protection Insurance – non?!

Call my agent banner

Made in Chelsea – A bunch of privileged, pretty young things stalk the streets Kensington and Chelsea in this permanently sunny structured reality show. Among the cast are some bona fide trustafarians including Millie Mackintosh, whose great-grandfather created Quality Street, and Jamie Laing, who great-great-grandfather invented the McVitie’s digestive biscuit.

Financial planning springboard: Creating a legacy for the next generation – yah!

Schitt’s Creek – When the super-wealthy Rose family are defrauded by their business manager and lose all their money, they’re forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, a rundown town they once purchased as a joke, which is now their only remaining asset. They go from living in a mansion to sharing rooms in a crummy motel with both amusing and touching results.

Financial planning springboard: Running off with your money is not what we do!

Pastries on black background

Industry – A group of ambitious young graduates compete for positions in a prestigious London investment bank. It’s everything we expect when we think of the ruthless, cutthroat, jargon-filled world of finance, with people yelling things about high-yield packages and hedging against the housing market. A high-pressure, high-reward environment with a lot of sex, drugs and all-night partying thrown in.

Financial planning springboard: Financial planning is not like that!

People say finance is boring.

But it’s at the core of all drama.

And I haven’t even mentioned the others – Succession, Billions, but there are only so many hours in the day!

What are your favourites?

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