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October 9, 2020
January 7, 2021

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Remember how we laughed out loud at David’s Cameron’s interpretation of LOL as ‘lots of love’.

OMG. I thought it was that too, for a while.

Another trendy acronym (I love how untrendy the word trendy is) is FOMO.

Fear of missing out.

Usually, you get FOMO when your friends and family are going to exciting events, parties, or on holidays, and you can’t join in.

But thanks to the pandemic, this doesn’t exist quite in the same way anymore. What a relief to us all, not to have to pretend we wished we were at Glastonbury this year.

However, FOMO on the internet is still rife.

You will have seen it in the form of those ‘8 other people are looking at these slippers/this bin/dustpan and brush’ notices that come up on sites to make even the most mundane thing seem sought after.

And it works. Especially with Millennials: round 60% of the little critters apparently make purchases as a result, just because they feel they might miss out. However, it’s not just Millennials who suffer from FOMO. According to other data, more than half of people using social networks share it.

But how can you apply the psychological concept of FOMO in your marketing? Come hither:

Show that other people are working with you: as in testimonials or case studies. Or thank people in your emails for making referrals.

Add gated content to your website: as in a free download in exchange for an email address – gating content implies scarcity.

Offer rewards for early decisions: as in giving away those copies of ‘Enough’ you have cluttering up the loft to the first 20 who book a 30-minute consultation with you.

Manipulative? No. FOMO techniques can help you to stand out and to convert prospects into clients.

And we all need a little nudge now and again.

So what are you waiting for?

YOLO, as they say.

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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