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September 22, 2021
October 13, 2021

There’s a Starman waiting in the sky

Have you been on a submarine lately? I have. I’ve been aboard Trident’s HMS Vigil via tense BBC drama Vigil. It’s as immersive as it gets. Submersive if you will. There’s a killer trapped on a submarine. Why hasn’t this been done before? It’s great.

Anyway. It’s all modern and that, with delicious Bond-esque opening credits and a lesbian couple in the lead roles. This has rocked Twitter with people thanking the BBC for showing people like them.

Cue replies from people saying surely, you’ve seen this before? Remember Brookside, 1994? Not really, grandma, no.

Anyway, even so, it’s still a welcome change to see real-ish folk represented on the TV. Everyday relationships, played out in different ways. And there are so many iterations of this still to go…

It’s 375 years since Bowie’s ground-breaking turn on Top of the Pops when he pointed at the camera as a Starman in a Liberty print jumpsuit singing "So I picked on you-hoo-oo"? just after having casually draped an arm around guitarist Mick Ronson.

Since then, about two billion people have cited him as inspiration to be loud and proud about their own individual selves.

But this was many many years ago. And we’re still talking about a similar scenario now.

Why is this important to us?

Because personalisation is the gift that will never stop giving. Helping people to identify themselves is incredibly powerful.

If they see themselves represented on your website, in your literature, then they can see themselves being a client. Finance is no longer something for ‘rich’ people.

For white, middle class baby boomers with a Labrador and Waitrose habit.

And this is key if the next generation are going to envisage themselves needing the help and guidance an adviser can offer.

But there are so many ways ‘personalisation’ can play out, and not just in marketing

Offering customers tailored experiences that keep them engaged throughout the process is integral too.

For example, there are a lot of assumptions made in financial planning about risk appetites, longevity etc. But people aren’t averages. Clients wants to know, "What does it mean to me?" and "Show me data from people like me."

Giving them much richer information and data about people like them can help them visualise what they can achieve.

The more specific you can be, the more successful your relationship will be.

Tech Tip

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Shameless plug

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Simple hack

Use quotation marks to narrow your search in Google if you’re getting bogged down with irrelevant results.

Pub Quiz Fact

Vacuum cleaners were originally horse drawn. Giant hoses were put through the customers’ windows, and a gas-powered motor generated the suction that pulled the dirt into a glass container where onlookers could gawk at the filth coming from their neighbours’ homes.

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