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August 26, 2021
September 4, 2021

You're special

We’re all digital now, as John Prescott might say.

But could this become a negative? That’s to say, is technology is now becoming so rapidly normalised that it may cease to be a differentiator?

That was just one angle being discussed at Advice Tech Live last week: a US conference showcasing the newest adviser fintech.

"Clients and prospects are expecting a certain level of interaction and capability from advisers… but if we have all the same tech stack, what’s the value add?" Asked the panel.

Will Zoom, Calendly and a good client portal soon cease to be special?

Even if it does, there’s good news. Because once this tech stack is normalised and becomes standard, then the focus even more naturally swings back in favour of the human element.

Who you are is going to get 1000% more important.

You still need what adviser Helena Wardle describes as: "The steady, human, guiding hand that everyone needs, no matter how good the technology."

Now it’s just a question of promoting it.

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Article of the week  

Is inspiring clients one of the most important things you can do? Julie Littlechild’s excellent post Inspiration as a client engagement strategy explores the potential of this as a key differentiator.

Simple hack

Did you know that you can use Google as a flight tracker? Simply enter your flight number and it’ll show you all the details.

Pub quiz fact

The first use of Google as a verb in pop culture was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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