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August 31, 2022
October 25, 2022

Queen eats sandwich

The Queen has eaten jam sandwiches every day since she was a toddler, according to her former private chef.

Not just jam sandwiches, but jam pennies – her sandwiches are cut into circles for added nursery-style fun.

Listen, she’s allowed to eat ham with a bear’s face on at this stage. And eating the same thing every day is no crime either, as I’ve touched on before.

But let’s dwell on the fact that jam sandwiches are generally seen as poor peoples’ food, and yet the Queen has oodles of cash. It reminds me the time it was revealed – by a Mirror reporter posing as a fake footman – that she eats her breakfast cereal from plastic Tupperware in front of a 3-bar fire.

And she seems happy enough.

It just shows that it’s not the amount, but what you do with it that counts.

It’s also true that many older people find it hard to splash the cash. 

Being told to spend money with wild abandon is just too much for some

And yet if you look at most adviser websites, you’d think that all old people are itching to sail on yachts. 

This is another reason to think carefully about marketing, what your message is saying, and the need to speak to specific people, not stereotypes, otherwise you could put some off.

Not everyone has a lifelong ambition to go skinny dipping in the Pacific, wind surfing in Hawaii, or zip-lining in the jungle canopies of Costa Rica.

That’s not to say that they love big bus tours to predictable destinations, tea dances or cruises either.

It’s harder to communicate how exciting the smaller things might be (and definitely harder to illustrate) but some people might be just as satisfied by building an extension, landscaping the garden, or taking a taxi every day for the rest of their life (yes please).

The important thing to show is that you help people to feel financially confident. 

Action adventures, thrills and extreme activities are just one option, but if all your client wants to do is eat jam sandwiches then that’s fine too. It's just that the image might be slightly less eye catching than a blond couple on a yacht, but it'll be miles more authentic.

Simple hack

Finding it hard to get motivated? Try Habitica, which transforms everyday tasks, such as flossing your teeth and going to the gym, into a full-blown role-playing game.

Stat of the week

The number of homes for sale with a separate dining room has fallen by 28% since 2012.

Article of the week

‘Can I go back to being an uncaring boss yet?’ In the latest part of the FT’s satirical column, critical comms strategist Rutherford Hall handles crisis management for the CEOs who tire of the pandemic-era sensitive boss facade.

On yer bike

Lithuanian-based startup Rubbee has developed the Rubbee X, an e-bike conversion kit that’s incredibly simple to install and at the low end of the price range at: $580.

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