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July 30, 2021
September 4, 2021

The last ever Friday email

I’ve done it. I’ve killed the Friday email.

Why? It was so much fun.

Well, party time is over folks.

Just kidding.

But times are a changing, aren’t they? The panic days are over, the new normal and the new new normal are behind us, and we’re entering another new phase, whatever that’s called.

So it feels like an appropriate time to do something different.  

I started the original email newsletter as a response to the pandemic

As a way of sharing tips, anecdotes and support amid the strange new world we’ve inhabited for the past 18 months. (In some of those early emails I was really quite caring.)

It started with Not another Coronavirus email, because you might remember back then we were getting a deluge of emails as the world and his wife rushed to contact us.

And it ends with this one.

Together this collection of weekly missives documents a very weird time, a time capsule of what we were all (mainly me) going through week by week.

A legitimate business expense

So I’ve put them all together in a coffee table / downstairs toilet-style compendium, which you can get a piece of too for just £15. Simply pre-order here. The profits will go to The Joshua Nolan Foundation.

So what’s next?

The dust has settled on a new way of working and we’re now in a hybrid world. The past 18 months has accelerated things by half a decade at least and we’re now doing things a whole lot differently.

There are new opportunities too.

  • More time to service more clients because you’re not on the road so much.
  • A keenness among clients to be serviced remotely
  • A plethora (great word) of new solutions – digital and analogue – to help you create a business of the future.

So how can you craft a successful business and lifestyle in this brave new world?

That’s what my next project is all about.

It’s nearly ready, so expect it soon…


Here's how your favourite websites would have looked in the 90s

Last week’s musings on nostalgia sparked a few replies, so let’s indulge again.

Website builder  Zyro has envisioned Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube and more as 90s websites, and the result is a nostalgic treat. Feast your eyes here.

Doesn’t it make you nostalgic for nice clean design?!

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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