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November 18, 2021
November 19, 2021

Content isn't as hard as you think

Googling things is such a habit, isn’t it? I prefer to think of it as outsourcing rather than laziness: some things are better left outside your head, so they don’t clog it up.

Sure, we know “how to recover from vomiting” but what the experts saying these days? Let’s check…

It turns out that they’re imparting practical revelations such as “avoid tobacco or alcohol” and “take a break from strenuous exercise”. Gee, thanks.

This reminds me of Pippa Middleton’s invaluable party planning book Celebrate, which gave us breathtakingly inspiring ideas such as: “When hosting a party, move any clutter from the space where you’re entertaining.” And “Turkeys are perfect for feeding large gatherings.”

Why am I trolling old Pips? Because it goes to show there’s an awful lot of unhelpful advice out there, which means that high-quality content, of which there isn’t much, is bound to stand out.

And be welcomed.

Think about when you get annoyed by your LinkedIn feed – it’s probably when it’s full of inane, unhelpful messages from people who are trying to sell you something or recruit you for a job you used to do 10 years ago. Then think of what stops you in your tracks – is it genuinely useful, thoughtful, high-quality content?

(I hope so.)

Well you could be doing that for your own audience. Whether it’s clients, prospects, introducers or peers. And think how they’ll feel about you as a result.

So don’t be put off by sharing your content. And don’t worry that people don’t want to read what you have to say. We can see from the success of ‘finfluencers’ and Kim Kardashian that people are interested in investment-related topics. They just need to be told about the regulated stuff.

So get out there.

And if it’s cold, why not put an extra layer on?

Simple hack

How do you Google something if you can’t remember the name of what you’re searching for? Simply add an asterisk to your search to replace the word, as in ‘the house that * built’.

Bring me sunshine

Is the dark getting you down? This compact Beurer TL 30 daylight therapy lamp enables you to take a little dose of sunshine with you wherever you go.


Why do I feel? Is an in-depth look at why we feel emotions and how we manage them. Each episode looks at a particular feeling such as anger, while sharing stories and analysis from experts.

Goggle dogs

A new TV channel for dogs is to launch to help pets cope with their owners returning to work. Many of DogTV’s shows will be timed to match the ‘natural rhythms’ of a dog's day. Woof.

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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