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May 14, 2021
July 1, 2021

Colouring-in time

May be if it hadn’t been for Tony Hart’s Gallery there wouldn’t have been such a huge backlash over David Hockney’s new artwork for Piccadilly Circus station.

It was likened to ‘the work of a 6-year-old’ and ripped to shreds online by people showcasing their own versions:

For those who are too young, the hallowed Gallery of Hartbeat displayed artwork sent in by young viewers of the 70s and 80s. But making the grade was almost impossible.

In my final, desperate attempt, I even mounted and labelled my piece with my name and age in order to take the admin burden off their hands and get it on the wall.

Still no joy.

And the confusion about art is the same now as then.

What is it that makes the grade?

Design is a funny old game. Google ‘Why is design difficult’ and the answer is short: ‘Because there is no perfect or correct solution.’

This is what invites people to think they can do it themselves. You wouldn’t get just anyone trying to fix a bone, mend a boiler or build an office block. It’s accepted that there are ways of doing this, and those who learn the ropes are paid and left to do it.

With design, anyone can have a go.

But should they?

Some things are deceptively simple.

Like investing. Just because anyone with an internet connection can do it, doesn’t mean they should.

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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