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November 29, 2020
December 7, 2020

Bowels: a simple trick to empty them completely

I hope you’re not eating.

Tis the season for a click bait-y headline. Why do retailers do this? On Black Friday, at Christmas, all the time.

25 celebs you didn’t realise are gay. No 8 will shock women.

Because they need traffic, not audience. They need quantity, not quality. Clicks, likes, followers are important. A measure of success. They don’t care if the headline is misleading, false or damaging. They want volume.

Sporty baby boomers spark surge in hip replacements

But if you’re selling a service then you need the opposite.

Audience not traffic.

You need a loyal following, a dedicated crowd, you a small number of relevant people who trust you. You want people to remain on your website, not to click once and bounce off never to be seen again. You want them to read to the end of your post, not simply open it and close it again.

And the best news about this? People worry about being on social media and how it will look if they have a small number of followers, views, likes, or comments. But if you’re selling a professional service this doesn’t really matter.

Audience not traffic.

How do you develop one? By creating content that actually matters to them. And sending it out regularly and consistently. This content will be meaningful to those people who will love you for it because no one else is producing this for them.

Quality not quantity. Tortoise not hare. A client for life.

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Life will never be quite the same again.
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