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December 6, 2020
January 7, 2021

The curse of Strictly

Isn’t it cold?

I don’t really like the TV show Strictly.

I know, I’m probably the only person in the country. I didn’t really like Friends either. Or Blind Date.

Scrooge Image

What’s wrong with me?

Anyway, one thing I do enjoy from afar is the Curse of Strictly. That is, when couples break up in real life because they fall for their dance partners.

It’s not because I’m some joyless Scrooge character, revelling in others’ misfortune. I’m just fascinated by people, what attracts them to each other – and what doesn’t.

The attraction between Strictly contestants is explainable. The intense working relationship, the close physical connection, the competitive spirit, the tiny outfits, the shimmying and the sequins.

I can see how it could get very intense indeed.

But I’d like to wager that it’s the attention as well.

A different type of attention than the usual.

More of a teacher and pupil, parent and child set up, between the professional dancer and the celeb. To experience this at any stage of life is a wonderful thing; especially as a full-grown adult, and especially if you’re not expecting it, or have forgotten what that’s like.

For many people, Financial advice is experienced in this way, but’s it wasn’t until last week that I heard it described directly as the parent/child scenario. This was by an adviser’s client who’d been through a divorce and was at her wit’s end with worries, many of them financial. She described her meeting with her adviser as “The day my life changed”.

“David listened to everything; he took an interest in my circumstances like no one had ever done before. I almost felt as if he’d turned into my Dad. You want to be able to tell people about your dreams, hopes and fears. I’d never met anyone like him before. He completely changed my life – he turned it around.”

The other reason stories like this are generally so moving is the disbelief and surprise, after-all, when prospects first seek advice, they think they’re buying a product. Little do they know they’re getting something much more powerful – unless you tell them.

Of course “We’re like your Dad” is not a great selling point (and could get a little awkward).

So what to do? Keep mining away at the thing that makes you different, that clients really love. What feedback or comments keep being made about you and the connection you have with people?

This will help you to move away from flat descriptions of services that everyone else uses into something really en pointe.

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