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The opportunity to stand out is huge

Right now, the opportunity to stand out and make a connection with your ideal clients is huge. And clients need connection. It’s part of the human condition. But when it comes to finance, not many people are managing to do it successfully.

That’s because striking the right balance between seeming both professional and human is hard. We know that finance is a heavily regulated business and we can’t be too touchy-feely. That’s why it’s been much easier to hide behind impenetrable language and stock photography for so long. But working in finance doesn’t mean you can’t be you. 

You’re fully qualified, you put clients first, you have incredibly high standards, but you also play golf and eat ice cream on a hot day. But if you don’t include this in your message, it’s hard to stand out. 

You need to give clients a clear reason to choose you, especially when the products they’re buying are more or less the same.

What’s more, in today’s tech-first world, where we’re getting more and more used to communicating with apps and bots on a day-to-day basis, a little authenticity can go an awfully long way. So let’s get cracking.

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What's the alternative?

A local website developer might seem like an option, but the secret to effective marketing is in the messaging. Everything else flows from there.

I’ve met clients who have wasted time and money trying to get the result they want from web developers or brand agencies who just don’t ‘get’ it; who don’t know the industry well enough and can’t appreciate their vision and what they’re trying to achieve.

I’ve also met business owners who try to do it themselves, but they’re often too close to see it objectively and don’t have the wider experience to know what to emphasise and what to dial down.

Marketing is not the place for false economy.

Your website and communications are an important business asset.

You need someone with the right mix of skills, experience and creative thinking to make the most of it for you.

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How to stand out

You’re highly qualified, you put clients first, you have incredibly standards, but you’re also the guy who plays golf and eats ice cream on a hot day. 

And without this, it’s hard to stand out. Showing who you are, what you stand for and where you’ve come from helps clients to see you’re just like them. And that will help them to feel less intimidated about coming to see you and give them the reason they need to choose you.

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