Meet your talented squad

I'd love to be able to do everything myself, but that would send me potty. So I've gathered together a select bunch of talented freelancers who you can read about below.

Faith Liversedge

I love the challenge of adding a creative spark to a traditionally dry and uninspiring industry. It's all too easy to use jargon, generic platitudes and predictable images of baby boomers on yachts.

That's not what I'm about. I work hard to find out what you do and why you do it better than everyone else, so we can communicate that to your ideal audience. Then more people will get to experience the benefits of personal financial advice.

I’ve been working in this way since 2017. I started my career in journalism, moving into financial marketing in 2003, working for Standard Life, Prudential, Royal London and wrap platform Nucleus.

In my spare time I enjoy watching documentaries on serial killers, wondering what Princess Diana might look like now, and walking my dachshund Rupert in the Scottish rain.
07920 042240


Strategy Expert
After a largely unsuccessful (but fairly amusing) career in film and television, I realised I was a far better strategist than creative.

As such, I now help advisers, fintech companies and startups get clarity on their marketing strategy and ensure everything is joined-up and effective.


SEO and Copy Specialist
I help businesses thrive through the written word. A big part of my job is to understand human psychology to optimise the copy for persuasion.

So if I’m not writing, socialising or watching the football, you’ll probably find me buried in a book learning a few tricks.


Head of Design
Born and raised in Germany, efficiency flows deep in my veins. I enjoy Schnitzel, Bratwurst, good bread - and designing pretty things that make people want to buy stuff.

Also, please don't take it personally if my emails are very direct - I'm still learning this whole small-talk-thing.