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Life Stages

The credit crunch of 2008 was bad news for mortgage sales, but created an even more pressing need for people to take out protection. So we upped the ante on the support we provided Bright Grey adviser…
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Wrap Wars

The focus for 2014 was collaboration: Nucleus is still the only UK wrap platform built and driven by advisers and we wanted to bring that to life. Rather than use a predictable ‘missing piece of the…
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Retirement Revolution

In the budget of March 2014, George Osborne dropped a bombshell on pensions flexibility: “No one will have to buy an annuity.” This was a revolutionary moment in pensions history – things would …
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Upgrade my platform

Nucleus’s first campaign was designed to raise brand awareness and generate leads. Our brand perception needed updating – we were no longer just a punky start-up, but a much larger and continually…
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Zombie Platforms

Around Halloween 2016, Nucleus was the only UK platform to have recently upgraded its underlying technology. Most other major platforms were going through a lengthy and costly re-platforming process w…
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Protection case studies

A selection of fictional case studies written at high speed for Royal London this summer, who were looking for realistic stories that were inclusive of some of the more under-represented segments wit…
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Good Parent Portfolio

In 2011 we were tasked with thinking further about how to give the protection sale more relevance. We created the Good Parent Portfolio which was designed to help advisers make protection a key part o…
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