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November 6, 2020
January 7, 2021

I want to punch someone

It’s been 28 days.


Since the drain men said they’d come back with a camera to sort my drains.

Aren’t humans annoying?

Increasingly it feels to me as if I’m living two completely separate lives.

One is extremely analog where I’m asking people to build a fence, chop down a tree or fix my pipes.

This is a world of note pads, answer machines and where anything can happen. They might turn up, they might not. They might do what they say they’re going to do, or they might do something else completely because it’s more convenient for them.

This is a world where the customer is mostly wrong, where the client’s best interests aren’t really at heart or even in the veins. They know you need something done and that therefore service levels (and competitive pricing) is irrelevant.

Compare that to a few feet away

Where I’m comfortably seated in front of my laptop, and where I can get anything at the touch of a button, at the price I want, delivered when I want, and where it’s all about me.

This can leave you feeling a little Little Lord Fauntleroy. And it’s true; having spent so much time in the digital world since March, I’ve become even more spoilt and demanding.

And easily enraged by real life people with their ums and ahs and speaking.

So it’s a bit of a wake-up call when you meet a good one.

One that helps you in ways you forgot humans help you with, because you haven’t interacted with as many as usual. Instead you’ve become an armchair expert on everything via the internet to the extent that you think you don’t need people to help you or guide you on what to do.

You forgot about the subtleties they can bring to the party: the listening skills, the challenging questions and the fighting your corner.

Thank goodness then that you had your review with your adviser this week.

Someone who gives humans a good name 😆

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