Where’s your brand story?

October 7, 2016

Brand is all around us, it’s everywhere you go, as Wet Wet Wet might have sung. But where’s yours? Are you making the most of all the opportunities to promote what you do and who you are?*

If you aren’t you could be missing a trick. We may be living in a digital age, but that doesn’t mean that your brand’s personality can’t sparkle. Businesses that are delivering a authentic, human experience across their website, social media platforms and other major touch points are marching a storm on those that aren’t. Why? Because customers can smell phoniness a mile off, but they love to engage with companies that are speaking their lingo.

But of course, it’s not easy. How to get the right balance between professionalism and personality? How to blend seriousness and approachability? It’s a tightrope Spud+. We’re not all selling Innocent Smoothies. But with a few slick moves^ you could be talking directly to your target audience, using the words they want to hear, explaining what you can do for them and getting them ready to buy.

Exciting stuff.

You may be dabbling in this already, you may even enjoy it. But is it taking too much of your precious time? Is it consistent? And is it driving results?

Let’s take a look at it together, see what’s missing, and fill the gaps until your brand is strong enough to breathe on its own and is up to receiving visitors.

What I’ll do:

I’ll look at your existing brand ‘collateral’ – that’s your website, emails, brochures, leaflets, slide presentations, your hold music, even the cups your visitors drink out of. I’ll ask some hard hitting questions:

  1. Is it consistent? (Are you staff all on board with it?)
  2. Does it relate to your brand values? (If you haven’t got these, we’ll work on that too.)
  3. Is it engaging? (Does it feel human and relatable or is it cold and robotic?).

After that I’ll create a strategy that will detail

  1. What action is needed
  2. How long it will take
  3. How much it will cost

This will give you three options based on how far you’re willing to go, for example:

  1. Just the plan – I’ll leave the implementation to you
  2. The plan and the implementation – boom, looking great
  3. On-going support – let’s keep the momentum going

Your brand is everywhere and deserves the best treatment available. But don’t worry – if it’s malnourished, I can bring it back to full health.

Contact me to find out more.


* Don’t worry about who you are at the moment, we can work on that.
+ Prepare yourselves for lots of pop culture refs, there’s a lot more where that came from.
^ Highly skilled and intricate moves resulting from years of experience, thank you very much.

PS I won’t necessarily do this asterisk thing with you as it can be a bit annoying.

October 7, 2016

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