Ok so we’ve got your brand in order. Everyone’s clear about your mission statement, values and brand story. 

But there’s no use having a killer brand identity without executing it.

So now it’s time to make sure the right messages are being sent out to the right people. This will help make the most of your offering and deepen your client relationships.

We need to create a marketing strategy – a detailed plan that lists what messages you’re going to send, how frequently and through what channel. For example it might be an email, a newsletter or blog.

But firstly we need to create detailed ‘buyer personas’ that document who your ideal clients are – their wants, needs and goals.

The more detailed these are, the more personalised your content can be. The more personalised it is, the more likely it is to resonate with them. 

How’s your current marketing activity looking?

  • Does it reflect your key messages and brand story?
  • Is it speaking directly to your ideal clients?
  • Does it include clear calls to action?

A structured marketing plan will help strengthen your client relationships and build on your brand story.