How to make your website look like a million bucks

January 5, 2018

Ever since prehistoric man started sketching images of wild boars inside caves, our brains have been wired to process things more quickly visually than anything else. So first things first when it comes to your website: how does it look?

Is it sad and neglected like that drooping Christmas tree out by the bins, or trimmed and spruced and ready to rock? Here’s a quick checklist:



Do your pages resemble an edition of The Times from 1912? If your site is crammed full of text and little else, people will switch off. Reading takes time and concentration — unless you’re JK Rowling your client is unlikely to want to read every paragraph.

Think about cutting the text, introduce headers to break up the space, and use a pull quote or two.



Are you using any? If not why not? When it comes to speed, text can’t compete with images. So if you want to make an impression, good pictures will work wonders.

Not the same old stock photography as everyone else, squished into a corner, but some thoughtful, meaningful shots that relate to what you’re saying. Use them big and proud. (But make sure they’re sized properly so they don’t slow your site down.)

And if you’re using text on top of images, make sure it’s readable.



Are you featured on your website? If not why not? It’s hard for people to relate to what you’re offering and start to trust you if they can’t at least see what you look like.

If you are there, how are you looking? Smiley and approachable or serious and intimidating?

What’s the background like — is it complementing your now clean and spacious aesthetic, or is it drab and cluttered?

Are your team all pictured in the same pose — heads cocked to one side? Sorry, but that’s just weird. Get them redone and act natural!


There are some great website platforms out there that enable you to create truly beautiful websites that look great on mobile and are easy to manage, whatever profession you’re in. And with a little expertise, you can create something that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

See me after class if you’d like help 🙂


Main pic credit: Miesha Moriniere

January 5, 2018

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