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January 26, 2018

The stats around the power of video marketing are everywhere if you look for them. (And even if you don’t.)


But when it comes to financial planning, the argument for video marketing is even more compelling.

That’s because videos trigger an emotional response that’s hard to convey when you’re trying to sell something intangible like financial services.

We all know how financial products are generally seen — complex, intimidating, dull and boring. It’s hard to make people care about something they have to pay for now when the benefits might only take place years in the future.

The general distrust around the industry doesn’t help either – despite the RDR, people still associate finance with bankers doing mysterious things in large expensive glass skyscrapers, while earning huge amounts of money.

But a well-executed video can cut through all that by digging straight into the emotional value and peace of mind you provide through financial planning and creating a feeling of trust.

Video is an assault on the senses

  • It’s a quick burst of vision and sound, it captures the attention and makes a lasting impression.
  • You can convey a lot more information in a one-minute video than in one-minute’s worth of text.
  • Video allows you to create the feeling of ‘peace of mind’ without having to use that well-worn phrase.
  • It allows you be cover emotional concepts that in other contexts would appear ‘cheesy’.
  • It provides a scalable way of marketing your message — video can be shared among clients and introducers and repeated again and again.

But there’s just one problem

For all its benefits, video marketing is also one of the hardest pieces of content to create. You need equipment, scripts, lighting, sound, editing etc.

But if you’re looking to get started without going the whole hog, I have the very thing.

What is financial planning?

My short client facing video ‘What is financial planning?’ shows what your business does and why people should care. It explains how your approach goes further than simply recommending products to clients. It shows how you focus on them, their ambitions and their goals in order to protect their family and their future.

All I need is your logo and contact details to make it yours to keep, for just £795 + Vat.

Adding a high-level introductory video to your website allows you to make an instant connection, turn fear into trust and showcase your brand.

But enough of the explanation! Get started with your own video in one step. Contact me today.


January 26, 2018

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