It worked for A-Ha: 7 reasons to use video marketing

January 9, 2018

There were many big years for video in the 80s, but for Norway, 1985 was the biggest. After failing 3 times to get Take On Me into the charts, A-Ha finally hit the big time, thanks to the most expensive video of 1985.

The first video was of the band performing the song in front of a blue background. It flopped.

The single was re-recorded, but still nothing.

It wasn’t until it was released with a ground-breaking vid combining live action and pencil sketches that it became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

It made A-Ha the first Norwegian band to have a number 1 in the States, and was multi-award-winning.

It took 16 weeks, around 2,000 drawings and thousands of dollars.

Thankfully these days video is much easier to produce — and more affordable.

But as with A-Ha, it can also be the key to your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

1. Speed

Watching a video is much easier than reading text. Videos can convey a vast amount of information in an engaging way, and are easier to remember.

2. Professionalism

Forget You’ve Been Framed. These days, high quality videos can be produced on a budget, immediately boosting your brand’s professionalism.

3. Trust #1

A video of you helps puts a face behind your brand and immediately creates a personal connection.

4. Expertise

It can help clients better understand your business and how you can help them achieve their goals.

5. Emotion

Video cuts through the clutter and gets straight to the emotion — whether it’s your own energy and passion, or your client’s experience of working with you.

6. SEO

They help people to stay on your site for longer. Research says that your content is 50 times more likely to make it to the first page of Google if it includes video.

7. Trust #2

You can use video to break down client objections. Take them step-by-step thorough your service, giving them an idea about what to expect. Answer typical questions, and show them how easy it is to get to your office.


Video is now a key part of every good business’s marketing strategy. And now it’s easier than ever to create one.

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Photo by Florian Klauer

January 9, 2018

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