How you doing?

It’s important to have an intimate relationship with your clients. You know it, my beautician knows it. That’s why she remembers things about me my own mother doesn’t know. When I bought my flat, when I launched my business, the name of my first pet. Ok that might be a […]

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We’ve reached peak unprecedented

Standing out a mile is hard enough in normal circumstances. Standing out in unprecedented times is even harder. Especially when everyone is also mentioning how unprecedented these times really, truly, honestly are. Have you noticed how since the start of lockdown we’ve been inundated by TV adverts from big brands […]

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Is your brand confused?

I’ve just been to Paris where everything is very French. Red and white checked table cloths, accordion music in the restaurants, women wearing actual berets, snails, frogs legs, crepes, camembert, wine everywhere. Pardon moi. I know that stereotypes are reductive, but when it comes to brands, cliches can be helpful. […]

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