Without its tagline and red cans, Coke would just be another cola brand. Without star athletes and the swoosh, Nike would just be another shoe company.

The most powerful organisations have a watertight brand that makes it clear what they’re offering, and to who. 

All aspects of their brand – from their logo and language, to their corporate colours and key messages – have been defined up front to create an overall ‘brand story’. 

This is then communicated consistently and strategically across all their customer touch points, enabling them to connect with people, stand out from the competition, and sell their product.

So how’s your brand story currently looking? 

  • Is it clear who you are, what you’re offering and why you’re different?
  • If your logo fell off, would your clients know it’s you? 
  • Is your brand being represented consistently or is it slightly confused?

If your brand is in the middle of an identity crisis, I can help.

I’ll review your current brand collateral, identify the gaps, and strengthen your key messages.

By the end you’ll have a comprehensive brand story that will become the perfect base for some sparkling marketing activity.