8 ways to create killer testimonials

February 4, 2018

Are your client testimonials letting you down?

The only reason I ask is because I come across a lot of client quotes and case studies that don’t seem believable. They’re too bland and don’t sound like they’ve some from real people.

And this makes me sad.

Because your client testimonials can pack one helluva punch when it comes to getting clients to engage with you. Used strategically they can confirm the claims you’ve made are true, establish trust and encourage action. That’s why using something clichéd and trite is a missed opportunity.

So take a look at yours and see if they’re working as hard as they could: Do they show off the full range of benefits your clients get from working with you? Are they sitting in the right places? Do they make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end when you read them?

If not why not?

However convincing the content on your website or brochure is, you’re never going to be able to brag about what you do. But your clients are. So why not let them do the talking?

Here’s what to do:

1.     Get permission to use real names rather than a Mrs Miggins alias – even first names will do. (Side note: why is it always ‘Mrs Miggins’?!)

2.     Let them talk like normal people in everyday language – it can be tempting to edit them, but making them polished will erase their authenticity.

3.     Keep them short and snappy – which does mean (in contradiction the above) editing out anything too long and boring. If in doubt – keep the emotional bits.

4.     Keep adding to them – three is ok to start with, but adding more will make it clear these weren’t just one-offs, and that your service is consistently awesome.

5.     Vary the details – make them do the heavy lifting by showcasing the range of benefits your service provides.

6.    Ask something specific – rather than ‘Would you recommend us?” try ‘What problem does our service solve for you?’, ‘What do you like most about working with us?’, or ‘What’s the one thing we should never stop doing?

7.     Don’t hide them all on one page – spread the love and think about where you place them – for example, if it’s on your about you page, make sure it covers you. If it’s on your ‘Contact us’ page make sure it’s about your speedy response.

8.     Use one on your contact us page! You don’t want them to bottle it at the last minute. Including one next to your contact form could help to seal the deal.

So there we have it. Using your testimonials strategically can help you to complete your story – and move your clients to take action. But don’t be tempted to smooth out their imperfections – it’s their authenticity that creates the magic.


Photo by Ben White

February 4, 2018

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